Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Training of Evangelists in the Southern Zone of ACT

We praise God for the success of our recent training seminar for lay evangelists of the Southern Zone of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. This is the second in a series of seminars following the training we did in the Western Zone last year. 

The 4 day seminar took place in the diocese of Masasi in the town of Tunduru and over 100 evangelists attended from 5 different dioceses. Tunduru is a key area for evangelism in the diocese of Masasi and so was chosen as a focus for the seminar which involved practical evangelistic work as well as training.
Rev Can David Haj
Rt. Rev James Almasi
We had 2 amazing teachers, Rev Canon David Haji of AEA (Anglican Evangelical Association) and Rt. Rev James Almasi, the Bishop of Masasi.

Each morning involved teaching in the classroom together with prayer and worship. The first 2 evenings evangelists divided into groups to carry out door to door evangelism, which was a very encouraging time of meeting with people of other faiths and sharing the good news of the Gospel. They were generally well received and many people responded positively to the Gospel.

The following 2 evenings we held an open air mission, preaching the Gospel and Worshipping God amongst the local community. Large numbers of people came to hear the word and receive prayer ministry. Many gave their lives to Christ and others were delivered of evil spirits. Following the mission we also showed the Jesus film on a large screen outdoors to which more people came. The local church is now following up those who responded during this mission, meeting with them and discipling them regularly. Please pray for this ongoing work and those individuals.


Sunday Morning Service
On the Saturday morning one of our evangelists was made a deacon of the Anglican Church in a wonderful service of the high church tradition which is dominant in the South of Tanzania. On the Sunday morning, a group of us went to minister at a small church plant, which is very new and has no building but meets under a Mango tree. It was a wonderful service and during prayer ministry around half the congregation came forward to make a renewed commitment to Christ. We praise God for this and pray that he continues to build and encourage this congregation 

We ask that you join us to pray for all those evangelists who attended the course. It was a huge blessing to all involved and we pray that they will now be equipped and fired up to return to their dioceses and work for the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We thank you for your prayers and for your support without which we would not be able to do this work. We ask for your continued prayers as we make plans to continue training like this in the remaining 3 zones of the Anglican Church. Our greatest challenge is funding and resources and we ask that if you feel able to support this work you consider making a donation on our just giving page using the link at the top of this blog. The seminars are not expensive, particularly considering the impact that they have. We need only around £3000 for one seminar.

God bless you.

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