Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mission and Evangelism Co-ordinators Conference 2016

Conference Participants

We praise God for our annual conference of Mission and Evangelism Co-ordinators of the Anglican Church of Tanzania which took place from 17th -21st May 2016.

Rt, Rev Bishop Matthew Mhagama (left)  with other participants
Rt. Rev Bishop James Almasi, Chairman, Mission and
Evangelism Department, ACT
The Anglican Church of Tanzania consists of 27 dioceses and participants  from 17 of these attended the conference, which was a wonderful time of sharing, learning and planning together. We were also blessed to be together with the Chair of the department, Bishop James Almasi from the diocese of Masasi and the assistant chair Bishop Matthew Mgahama from the diocese of South West Tanganyika (Njombe).

Rev John Kamoyo, CCT, Trainer
During the conference training was given on How to carry out evangelism amongst a range of different people in a changing world, and also on Offering and Stewardship from
a biblical perspective. Participants were greatly encouraged and inspired by this teaching.
We were also able to meet together with the General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Tanzania, Rev Canon Capt. Johnson Chinyon'gole to share and discuss plans for the future of the Mission and Evangelism department.

Please pray for all the diocesan mission and evangelism co-ordinators who work with great passion and commitment in the face of many challenges. Pray for their work in the individual dioceses, preaching God's word and reaching out to local people through missions and seminars, training pastors and evangelists and planting churches.

In June of this year (13-19th June) we will be holding our annual week of prayer and evangelism culminating in a day of offering to enable us to do God's work across Tanzania. Pray for this week that it will be a powerful week of prayer for our church, community and country and that God will bless the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

Please also pray for our continued work as a national department in training evangelists, church leaders and those involved in music ministry, as well as for our plans to establish an Anglican Church Radio station. Pray for the provision of funding and a license for this project.

We thank you for your continued prayers and support in different ways. God bless you

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