Friday, October 21, 2016

Music and Worship School 2016

We praise God that we have successfully completed this year's music and worship school which took place in Dodoma from the 18th September to the 14th October 2016. Singers, musicians and evangelists from all over Tanzania attended from 17 different dioceses of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. Representatives of Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Moravian and Lutheran Churches also attended.

At the school we taught guitar, piano, singing, music theory, song writing, and church music ministry, together with daily teaching of God's Word and worshipping together.
The course was taught by Evangelist Musa Njagamba, Doglas Mdimu and Christine Salaman, and took place at St. John's University. We are grateful to be able to use the university facilities such as classrooms and dormitories during the university break.

As ever, the course was a great blessing to all who attended, who will return to their churches with new skills and renewed enthusiasm for music ministry, as well as being encouraged and renewed spiritually and equipped to serve God in their ministry. Please pray with us that they will be a blessing to their churches and all those that they serve through their music ministry.

This year we had one very special student, Daudi, who is blind and has a gift and passion for music ministry. He came top in the guitar class and the picture shows him performing in the final party.

Isaac also performed at the party to the amazement of many of the students who could not believe how good he is.

Some of our students have returned for several years now and are now in a position where they can begin to teach others.

This picture shows our 3 teachers from this year, together with Leonard and Godlove who have already begun some teaching.

The second picture shows Edmound who is one of the students who we hope will help with teaching in the future. Here he is helping out in a theory class.

Please also pray for the future of this programme of music training, that God will continue to provide resources, teachers and other personnel to help the programme to continue and develop further.

Please pray for a short course which we will be holding in the town of Kahama in a few weeks time. We hope to equip and encourage another group of music ministers.

Thank you to all those who continue to pray for this ministry and to support us financially - your support is hugely appreciated - God bless you.

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