Monday, May 27, 2013

Plans for 2013

We thank God that the national mission and evangelism office of the Anglcian Church of Tanzania is now up and running and continue to pray for his guidance and blessing on our work.

From 11th August 2013 - 7th September 2013 we will be running a month long music and worship school which will be held at St. John's University in Dodoma. This school is a follow- up to a school we ran last year through the youth department which was a great success and a huge blessing to all who attended. The school is aimed at Christians with a music ministry who are using their gifts to serve in their local churches. Many are leaders, musicians and songwriters in church choirs which are very big in Tanzania and a major tool for outreach and evangelism. At the music school we will teach the technical side of music, including reading and writing music and piano and guitar skills so that these musicians can improve their skills, as well as the spiritual side to help students understand more about the importance of their ministry in the church and how they can use it to wroship and serve God and help others to do the same. In this way the students are enabled to serve God and preach His word more effectively through their music ministry. We have a team of music experts and evangelists to teach the course. The pictures show the music school which took place in August 2012.

Later in the year, God willing, we hope to call mission and evangelism leaders from the 27 dioceses of the Anglican church together to share experiences and plan together how to go forward in mission and evangelism in the future. We also hope to offer training during this meeting, possibly in areas such as discipleship, bible study and outreach. The mission and evangelism department on a national level has been unstaffed and unable to co-ordinate this important work for a number of years, though great work has been continuing on a diocesan level in many areas. It is important that we now come together and work together towards a co-ordinated strategy for mission and evangelism in the Anglican Church of Tanzania.
We pray that God will provide to make these events possible as we are very short of resources at present. If you feel able to support us in this work please visit our "just giving" page on the link above. We would be grateful for any donation you are able to make. We also value your prayers as we try to establish and develop the mission and evangelism department.

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