Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Music and Worship School 2013

We praise God that our 4 week music and worship school has been successfully completed. 35 students attended respresenting 14 different dioceses of the Anglican Church in Tanzania, together with some representatives from the Catholic, Pentecostal and Lutheran churches. The students are all leaders in their choirs, churches, deaneries and dioceses, and even some pastors attended. So, our hope is that they will return to teach, encourage and build up others.

All those involved were greatly blessed by the school. As well as learning about music theory and pratice, they also learnt more about the importance of their ministry and how to be effective in God's service using the gifts he has given them. We also had some powerful times of worship, prayer and learning from God's word together.

One of the challenges which we set was to write songs from a passage from the book of "Songs of Songs". This was to practise their song writing skills and also to practise trying to interpret difficult parts of scripture and write meaningful songs about them. The students did this in small groups and later we went to the studio and recorded our two favourites. the clips below show groups singing these two songs at church on the Sunday morning.

We ask for your prayers as we further develop this important work, both through schools like this one and shorter seminars in the dioceses. There is a huge need and demand for training of this sort and music and choirs have such an important role in the church in Tanzania. It is important that we develop skilled musicians who truly have a heart for serving God through their ministry and enabling others to worship God through music and song.

Thank you so much to all those who supported us financially to make the school possible. Students paid fees to attend but without the subsidy that we were able to give them they would have had difficulty finding enough money.

Our Teachers Evangelist Musa Njagamba and Meraby Kaimukilwa

Guitar Class

Praising God together

In the Recording Studio

Song Composition

Worshiping together

Video Clips:-


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